Our AIM is to create a relaxed, flexible learning process that delivers opportunities for people to thrive, build and develop their own natural abilities and skills.

Sheila Traskowskie
Business Owner and Director
Your Learning Days

Sheila is an experienced and creative personal development trainer and group facilitator whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential. Sheila has been involved in developing people for over 25 years. Her specialist areas of training are the personal development skills required for managing ourselves, managing others and being managed. She has worked extensively across all three sectors – public, private and not-for-profit.

At Your Learning Days, a people development company, we work with you to engage and develop all your people to create a business culture you can be proud of. Our passion is focused on aligning the people development agenda with business strategy. Involving all levels within a business in the learning and development environment to provide a joined-up approach between the business and its people. We believe in using a blended learning approach to achieve business goals and motivate the learner to achieve results. Our delivery is based on pre-agreed aims and objectives – is interactive and energising. Results are evaluated to confirm outcomes


Provide innovative, customer-driven personal development solutions, which exceed customer and stakeholder expectations.

Provide the highest standards of training excellence and delivery with professional post-activity evaluation, which means senior managers can easily follow the development progress of their learners.

Create a safe, challenging, participative and FUN environment for all activities and encourage learners to share their outcomes and successes.

Develop and maintain long-term relationships with learners and client stakeholders.

Maintain our own continuous development programme so that we always share exceptional up to date learning solutions.




Maintain the highest level of honesty, transparency and ethical conduct in all dealings, activities and personal interactions.


Be innovative and creative in our approach to identifying and resolving individual training needs.


Lead at the front by seeking out the latest, new learning opportunities and by inspiring learners to believe that the outcomes will always be beneficial to their personal and business lives.


Include all learners equally and ensure all interactions are positive, fair and inclusive. Respect the opinions, ideas, diversity and needs of all learners.


Are you able to come and meet us to talk through our requirements?

Yes, no problem… We are happy to come and have a meeting to discuss your requirements!

How many delegates can we have on a course?

We recommend 6 to 12 delegates for most of our courses as we find this to be the optimum range for groupwork and interaction. However, if you have a smaller or larger group in mind, please do get in touch as we are more than happy to discuss alternatives and come up with a bespoke solution.

Can you provide attendance certificates?

Yes… Certificates will have your logo on them and identify any specific information you may require.

I am interested in a particular course, what do I need to do next?

Please give us your contact details and we will call you to discuss your exact requirements. Alternatively if you are sure this is the course you are interested in, please advise your location and also when you hope to run the course – then we can get back to you with our availability.

What is the typical delivery style for training?

Although PowerPoint slides are often used to highlight the central themes, there is normally a mixed media approach with the use of videos and interactive trainer led discussions, experiential exercises and questionnaires. In consultation with our customers some of the course exercises are designed to replicate work based situations which delegates will be able to relate to. Exercises usually involve delegates working in pairs or larger groups to discuss the issues and complete tasks and activities. Course workbooks normally include space for delegates to record their thoughts and key learning points as well as including an Action Planning exercise for post training reference.

Do you offer bespoke services?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

We are based in Wales, can you run in-house courses here?

Yes. We have trainers working throughout the UK.

Will I be able to speak to the trainer in advance?

Yes, he or she will contact you before the training date to discuss any issues or current circumstances which may be relevant to the day.

Is there a dress code on your courses?

We find people learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed and the atmosphere is fun. Most people feel comfortable in smart casual clothing unless your company policy state otherwise.

How do you evaluate your courses?

The first and easiest form of evaluation is in terms of post-course ‘reaction’. Data on ‘reaction’ can be gathered on the day. We are happy to use your evaluation forms or we can provide an appropriate form. Delegates can also email us after the training to provide feedback. Any observation during the training course we feel is pertinent to the success of the learners will also be fed back to the organisations lead.

How do course materials get to us?

Depending on what is agreed with the organisation lead we will either email the required materials 3-working days before the course for inhouse printing or courier course materials to arrive at the venue the day before the training is due to take place.


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