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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide customised leadership training

Are your courses endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management?

What learning techniques do you use?

We use a wide variety of learning techniques including discussions, case studies, action learning, brainstorming, role-plays, NLP and other strategies such as dance, that will engage with your managers.

Yes, we’ll deliver a custom designed solution centred around your training requirements and your business needs.

Yes, all are courses are fully endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management. Our accredited ILM trainers deliver level 2, 3, 4 & 5 courses and bespoke in-house courses.

How much do your in-house courses cost?

We offer you good value for money



Our prices range from £350 to £750 per day for in-house training.

This represents exceptional value for money and includes:

All preparation time needed to understand your training needs

Time and expertise to design your bespoke course

Delivery of your course by a highly experienced trainer

High quality course material, handouts, manuals, assessments

Unlimited email & telephone support after the course

Feedback on individual training and development needs

Course certificates

In-house training events are very cost effective for you and your business, saving you money and time, when several members of staff have the same training.

Do you cover Northwest England?

Yes, we serve all areas of Northwest England, providing in-house and offsite leadership and business people development using highly experienced ILM accredited trainers.

Who are the courses and coaching suitable for?

Courses are suitable for Team Leaders up to senior executives and business owners ILM level 2 to 5.

We’ll design your training course centred around your business needs.

Yes, our coaching is designed to match your exact needs, enhancing your managers & leaders abilities in powerful and practical ways…learn more >

Can you give managers one to one coaching?

Will our managers get post-course support?

Yes, your managers will receive personal post-course support while they are implementing the strategies and techniques covered on the course.