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Institute of Leadership & Management Programmes

Providing you with a full range of ILM courses, from level 2 (team leader) through to level 7 (executive), covering all areas of leadership training.


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Training courses at all ILM levels, including senior executives, Human Resources, Organisational Development, team leaders and business owners. Bespoke courses, designed to your exact requirements. Request your consultation >

 • Appraisal Skills

 • Change Management

 • Coaching Skills

 • Commercial Awareness

 • Communication Skills

 • Complaints

 • Confidence & Assertiveness

 • Conflict management

 • Customer Excellence

 • Dealing with Difficult People, Situations

   and Behaviours

 • Direct Line Management Training

 • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

 • Influencing Skills

 • Interviewing Skills

 • Leadership & Management Programmes

 • Leadership Skills

 • Management Skills

 • Mental Toughness (MTQ48)

 • Mentoring

 • Negotiation & Persuasion

 • People Skills

 • Performance Management

 • Personal Effectiveness

 • Planning & Organising

 • Presentation Skills

 • Recruitment & Selection

 • Resilience

 • Senior Management Skills

 • Strategic Planning, Goal Setting &

 • Decision Making

 • Stress & Time Management

 • Supervisory Skills

 • Team Building / Development

 • Team Roles (Belbin) and their Uses

 • Train the Trainer

 • Time Management

Choose from a wide range of bespoke courses including:

Qualified Programmes

Level 2

Certificate in Team Leading

Diploma in Team Leading

Level 3

Award in Leadership & Management

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Diploma in Leadership & Management

Level 3

Award in Coaching

Certificate in Coaching

Award in Mentoring

Certificate in Mentoring

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Level 5

Award in Leadership & Management

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Diploma in Leadership & Management

Level 5

Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring

Endorsed for your bespoke in-house training:

Benefits your organisation through ILM monitoring and endorsing the overall quality of in-house Leadership & Management programmes

Design of the above can include all levels, events and competencies.