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Leadership & Management Training Courses

Designed to your exact requirements, delivered at a time and location that you choose!

Improving your managers performance by delivering cost effective in-house training.  

Whether your managers are new or established, we’ll centre your course around your specific requirements and your managers business training needs.   

Training can be delivered at your business premises or offsite at a suitable hotel or training facility… the choice is yours! Here’s a selection of our top 5 training courses for you…

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In-House Training Courses

Bespoke training courses, designed to your exact requirements.


In-house or offsite training courses

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“Sheila and I have collaborated over many years creating a range of successful leadership, team and cultural development interventions.

Sheila has extensive experience of designing and delivering ILM programmes and was instrumental in helping Helena Partnerships achieve all 196 indicators of the IIP Gold standard twice… read more >

This workshop is for anyone who needs to prioritise their time, influence others and manage their relationships at work more effectively.

Course overview

Key topics

Benefits of attending

This course aims to boost your confidence and give you practical tools for managing priorities and communicating more effectively. It will increase your awareness of the choices you have and help you to develop the skills of being assertive.

Course Title: Managing Priorities

• Understand own personal time style and adopt strategies for improving

• Recognise time wasters including procrastination and how to avoid these

• Clarify and prioritise your objectives and goals, by creating more planning time.

• Recognise the tasks that you could delegate and how to in an effective way

• Define assertiveness and related types of behaviour

• Choose assertive responses to different time management situations

• Identify barriers to assertive behaviour

• Manage potentially difficult people and situations with confidence and skill

Once back in the workplace, participants will be able to:

• recognise why they are working as they are and make decisions that improve their   working effectiveness, not just operate through habit

• utilise a range of prioritisation methods on an ongoing basis and work on the ‘right   thing at the right time’

• manage those things and people which try to steal their time, making them more   effective in the process

• choose work items for delegation and select the right person to pass them on to

This presentation skills course is beneficial for anyone who needs to acquire the core skills required to deliver effective presentations.

Course overview

Key topics

Benefits of attending

Giving a formal or informal presentation is an important element in many job roles. This practical presentation skills course provides an introduction to the skills required to give good-quality presentations. It gives participants the opportunity to practise and gain professional feedback and coaching in a safe environment.

Sheila Traskowskie Director & business owner of Your Learning Days


• Structuring an effective presentation

• Developing content appropriate to the audience

• Communicating with confidence

• Dealing with nerves positively

• Preparing and using notes

• Handling a challenging audience

• Writing and delivering a presentation

• Giving and receiving constructive feedback on presentations

Once back in the workplace, participants will be able to:

• develop a structure upon which to build an effective presentation

• design professional and appropriate support materials

• deliver presentations with improved confidence

• engage with their audience to get their message across

Course Title: Presentation Skills

Course Title: Coaching for Managers

Managers and team leaders who want to develop their coaching skills and use the techniques to successfully develop their people.

Course overview

Key topics

Benefits of attending

Coaching individuals to attain a higher performance can be a cost-effective alternative to sending people on training courses; however, many managers are not skilled at coaching so do not use this powerful development tool. This workshop introduces managers to coaching and explores the practical skills needed to make it successful.

• Workplace coaching techniques and tools to use to develop people

• Setting learner-centered goals

• Planning and delivering a coaching session

• Learner motivation and keeping momentum going

• Giving supportive feedback and managing the coach/ learner relationship

Once back in the workplace, participants will be able to:

• identify the benefits and opportunities to use coaching to develop people

• set challenging coaching goals

• plan and deliver a coaching assignment

• motivate learners through supportive feedback and celebration of achievement

• manage the relationship between coach and learner from the initial meeting to the conclusion   of the assignment

Course Title: Assessing Your Own Leadership Capability and Performance

Course overview

Key topics

Benefits of attending

Managers and team leaders who want to understand their own leadership style and review how effective they are. Also beneficial from an organisational perspective regarding how effective a management team are in motivating their people through times of change and budget cuts.

Leadership is primarily about coping with change but the toughest part is leading people through change. Leading and engaging others whilst trying to encourage ourselves to keep going can be particularly difficult.

This workshop allows time to assess own leadership style, understand the key responsibilities for that style, theories of leadership and concepts of emotional intelligence.

Course Title: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Course overview

Key topics

Benefits of attending

Once back in the workplace, participants will be able to:

• identify the leadership styles within the organisation

• review their own styles and adopt an effective leadership style to motivate staff to achieve   organisational values and goals

How are you at solving problems? Can you make the right decision at the right time? Or, do you bury your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away? Wait for others to come up with a solution? We all encounter problems on a daily basis; some of these problems are obviously more severe or complex than others. It would be wonderful to have the ability to solve all problems efficiently and without difficulty, unfortunately there is no one way in which all problems can be solved.

Ideal for employees at all levels required to troubleshoot, make decisions and implement plans.

• Once back in the workplace, participants will be able to:

• describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact and know how to gather and interpret   information to solve a problem

• evaluate options to make a decision

• plan, monitor and review the implementation and communication of decisions

• Describe a problem, its nature scope and impact

• Gather and interpret information to identify possible solutions to a problem

• Prepare a summary of the options providing facts and evidence

• Apply a simple decision making technique to evaluate options to arrive at the best   solution

• Plan the implementation and communication of the decision

• Describe which monitoring and review techniques could be used to evaluate outcomes

Course Day Rates

Bespoke Course Day Rate £350 - £750

12-20 people, to suit your needs.

• Review the leadership styles in the organisation

• and assess the impact of their styles on the organisation’s values and performance

• Assess own ability to apply different leadership styles in a range of situations and their ability   to communicate the organisation’s values and goals to staff in own area

• Assess own ability to motivate others and build commitment to the organisation’s values and   goals

• Justify the most effective leadership style to motivate staff in own area, to achieve the   organisation’s values and goals

• Implement the most effective leadership style in order to motivate staff in own area to achieve   the organisation’s values and goals