Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

mental health, noun
A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

Mental health, the new buzzword in the workplace. And for good reason. The words ‘mental health’ are often used to described those who are struggling but the term is much broader than that. We all have a mental health status, whether that be healthy or facing problems. This status can be affected by many factors that can change our ability to complete tasks or feel good at home and work. Which is why it is essential to foster a good understanding of what mental health is, and how to help yourself and others in times of need.

Why this course?

‘Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace’ is a course designed to assist in fostering a culture of care and the promotion of positive mental health in the workplace. This qualification gives learners the opportunity to understand mental health, its associated care and how this can be applied to the learner and their colleagues.

Who is the course for?

Everyone. Good mental health of employees is essential for all environments, but the course has been particularly useful for the following sectors:

  • Customer Service
  • Social Housing / Housing Associations
  • Voluntary / Charity
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism

What will this course give me/my employees?

The course will give learners the skills to support colleagues experiencing mental ill health. These skills will be gained by increasing the learner’s knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions, the principles of mental health first aid and how this can be implemented in the workplace by:

  • Raising awareness and mental health literacy
  • Reducing stigma around metal ill health
  • Boosting knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues
  • Promoting early intervention

And the learner will achieve: NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

  • A nationally recognised Level 2 qualification (equivalent to a GCSE)
  • Evidence of competency to employers
  • Opens doors for potential new career paths
  • Qualifies you for a range of Level 3 (A Level) courses

How is the course delivered?

Classroom – learning through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions. Course can be delivered in Acrington, Blackburn, Wigan and the Greater Manchester area. Get in touch if you require in-person learning elsewhere to ensure availability.


Online – sessions are taught using virtual tools and pre-defined activities. Courses can be delivered via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and potentially other platforms (please get in touch to discuss your virtual requirements).

How long will it take?

To achieve this qualification, learners are required to successfully complete 3 mandatory units. Course averages 135 hours (including classroom and self-study/coursework) and is generally delivered over one month.

The units may be available as stand-alone unit programmes.

How will it be assessed?

Evidence of learning will be collected via assessment tasks and completion of electronic assignments/workbooks. Paper based learning will be considered under special circumstances.

Learners must be aged 16+


“Sheila delivered the course in a way that everyone understood and was never patronising. She was fun to talk to and I would recommend her because she made the content relatable, understandable and comfortable.”


More on the three units included in in ‘Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace’:


Exploring mental health

Defining what is meant by mental health and mental ill-health and understanding the factors which may contribute to mental ill-health. Identifying the different types of mental ill-health and the signs and indicators that may be visible along with the actions to take when an individual is facing a mental health crisis.

Supporting individuals with mental ill-health

The importance of positive relationships, effective communication and support. Defining a person-centred approach and why this is important along with the learners own responsibilities and limitations when supporting the mental health of others. Protecting the learners own mental health and where to seek support.

The mentally healthy environment

Identifying the legislative framework relevant to mental health and the drivers in relation to mental health provision including policies that can support individuals. Outlining sources of information, resources and support and the importance of promoting these in the workplace. Defining what is meant by a wellness action plan, identifying the key components and the importance of the action plan for self and others.


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